Sunday, May 18, 2014

Mammoth Ivory and Sterling Silver Ring By Richard Miller

This elegant fossil ivory cabochon shaped and  polished and into a graceful oval then set in scalloped silver bezel. The piece is bordered with half round and solid silver accent pieces, The setting rests upon a double band of half round silver wire and is a size 7

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Mastodon and Sterling silver bracelet with over laid silver design in a geometric design made by Richard Miller this piece is for a medium to smaller ladies wrist, the band is made from 20 gauge sterling silver and is about 1 inch wide, with half round wire for the border.
I love the colors that you find when you polish this old material

Mammoth Ivory and Silver Ring By Richard Miller

Mammoth Ivory cabochon set in saw tooth sterling silver bezel surrounded by formed wire border, set on a handmade band constructed of heavy sheet and with twisted wire. I enjoy making things with mammoth ivory because of the amazing colors that are reviled as you cut into the different layers of this material. This cabochon was taken close to the outside surface so there will be some faint colors and lines, from being buried for thousands of years. This ring is a size 8 ½ and sells for $185.00