Thursday, January 24, 2013

17th Century Mortar 2.6 inch bore

Antiqued steel barrel and curly maple come together in a replica antique mortar of the 17th century period. The barrel is made from a solid billet of mild steel machined and browned like the older black powder rifles of the 17th and the early 1800s. The bed is bolted together with bolts that run clear though the bed and captured with nuts and washers. The barrel is held in place by forged straps that are bolted from the top to the underside of the bed with special countersunk nuts. The curly maple was stained with a homemade stain like the type the old-timers used and is finished with a hand rubbed Danish oil. The barrel is @ 8” inches long, 4.5” inches outside with a 2.6” inch bore, the bed is @ 18” long and @ 7.5” inches wide and is @ 4.5” inches tall. This piece was made to exacting dimensions from drawings taken from original drawings blueprints that I have found over the years. I hope you enjoy checking this piece out.

Thank you

Richard Miller
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Price for this piece is $1200.00 
I have a custom shipping crate ready made for this piece