Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Mountain Lion Squash Blossom Necklace

These claws have been waiting in my jewelry supplies for over 30 years; I traded for these from a trader at a mountain man rendezvous in Cripple Creek Colorado. It took me this long to put these amazing claws into a piece of jewelry that I hope will do them justice, I burned sage a prayed as I made this piece and gave thanks for all that has come to me in my life. I have a new understanding of my relationship with Mother Earth and believe that we must take care of our planet and all the creatures that share our home with us. We are all related!

Custom made from Sterling Silver, Mountain Lion Claws and Morenci turquoise,this piece comes in a custom made oak display that measures 12 3/4 inches by 19 inches and has hangers on the back side to display on your wall.

Those with cougar medicine have past life connections relating to power and leadership. When the cougar selects you as its student be prepared for the ride of your life. It can shred you into little pieces (dissolve karma and identity) then put you back together again with a pure heart and purpose. True leadership through gentle assertiveness is what cougar teaches those with this totem.

They are solitary cats that, unlike other cat species, are active during the day. They are also the most widely distributed cats in the Americas. These elusive hunters will pounce on their prey with a strong short burst of energy after studying its movements, never hesitating; showing none of its movement is wasted.

Cougar spirit will teach us to assert ourselves, and take control of our life so we can become leaders. Cougar's graceful swiftness shows us how to understand the natural flow of our environment and move into a position of leadership.

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