Saturday, November 24, 2012

17th century French mortar 3 inch bore

Large brass mortar 3-inch bore

1700-century French mortar model set on 3-inch thick walnut, barrel was machined from a solid brass bar. The barrel was machined from a solid bar of 360 brass with the trunnion fitted to the bottom. The bore is 3” diameter with a smaller powder chamber at the bottom overall length of barrel is @ 11 ¼” long, 6” diameter, trunnion is 2” diameter x 12” long. Mortar bed measures 23 5/8” long, 12” wide and 6” tall, made from 3” thick select American walnut with hand rubbed oil finish. The bed is bolted together with six studs that run clear through the bed and capped off with heavy washers and brass acorn nuts. The trunnion caps where machined from a solid bar of steel and cold blued. The trunnion caps are also bolted to the bed with studs that engage special nuts on the underside of the bed in recessed counter bored pockets

The total weight of the piece is @ 95 pounds

The piece measures 23 5/8” long x 12” wide and 15” tall

Price for this fine piece is $5250.00

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